Logs/Half Logs/Wing Splits/Slabs
Garden Walls/Beds

Logs/Half Logs/Wing Splits/Slabs

Landscaping is all about creating outdoor areas that excel in both form and function. Our landscaping products will help you
achieve stunning first impressions of your home.

Ironwood landscaping logs and sleepers offer you the natural beauty and warmth of real timber coupled with its strength
and durability. Ironwood is the ideal choice for all you home landscaping projects such as:

  • Screening
  • Garden Walls/beds
  • Garden edging
  • Screening


Sleepers H4 Treated


The technically advanced cutting pattern and machinery used on the Sleeper range
improves treatment penetration, guaranteeing not only longer life and superior protection
against rotting and termite attack, but also a superior finish.  All our Sleepers are treated
to a H4 rating for in-ground use.

Sleepers are ideal for landscaping ideas such as:
Retaining Walls, Garden Beds, Steps, Paving, andTheme Landscaping



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Our Treated Sleepers are a superior grade and treatment meaning not only a better finish but also better protection against the effects of fungal decay, termites or borers.





Create a fantastic screening solution to enhance your outdoor living area.

Looking for a privacy solution for your outdoor living space? Install a horizontal slat or louver screen made from Ironwood Outdoor Treated Pine.

A privacy screen will help create a visual barrier between you and your neighbours.

Treated Pine Timber can also be used to screen unattractive elements such as drains etc.








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Garden Walls/Beds

Garden Wall Project Sheet

Garden walls are the perfect way to make your garden beds a design feature.

Garden walls are a functional landscaping element that makes the most of a steep garden by creating several levels. They are also very useful for building up the level of garden beds when the soil at ground level is of poor quality.

Be sure to use galvanized nails and fittings when working with Ironwood products as other fittings may corrode. 

Our landscaping logs and sleepers are produced from plantation grown pine that is a totally renewable resource and are preservative treated to ensure long life.

Treated Pine  is simple to work with and provides you, the homeowner, with a great range of do-it-yourself landscaping opportunities.

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