If you are after a fresh, new, modern, innovative design to lattice and screening, Frank's Fencing Service has just the lattice for you.

When you hear the word lattice two types usually come to mind, diagonal or square lattice with a very large aperture (hole). It conjures images of an outdated unattractive approach to screening. We have a far more advanced solution, which is more private, stronger and attractive.

The timber lath (timber slats) employed are heavy duty 24x13mm and are a clear grade which means that the timber is mostly free of knots or other defects.

We offer three different design variations that employ this type of lath. which are practical, modern and long lasting. These styles of lattice/screening can be made and framed to size, which makes installation a breeze. Framed lattice panels can also be frabricated with a steel frame for extra support and hinges and the other hardware can also be mounted as required.

These designs have been applauded by any experts in the industry. We are proud too be the first to introduce these types of screening/lattice to the market


Style No 1/Square Aperture

This lattice is highly desirable in applications where privacy is an issue.  Having small aperture not only means increased strength but maximises privacy whilst still allowing the light to travel through it so that the screened area is not left without light as with some other types of screening.

Lattice ontop of fencing    Lattice Screening   Lattice Gate


Style No 2 &3 Rectangular Aperture

These variations border on horizonal slat style fencing which is very popular, with a hint of balinese influence. They both feature a rectangular shaped apertures.  The No 2 style has a shorter aperture for a more private application, while the No.3 Style is for a more contemporary/cosmopolitan look.


Treated lattice is available in diagonal and square patterns. A wide range of attractive designs allows scope for many uses from a simple support for climbing plants to an architectural design feature in building projects. Decorative latticework on carports, balconies, verandas and entranceways are examples.

Solid construction and high resistance to rotting and termite attack ensure excellent long-term service.
We also custom-make a lattice with a 25mm aperture, for extra privacy.


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