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With its inherent strength and structural integrity, Pine is truly one of nature's most valuable and environmentally responsible building materials. It also has beauty and character, and its growth is renewable when properly managed.

Structural and Laminated Timber products are the preferred material for construction both as glue-laminated timber, plywood, and other panel products.

Chief amongst these properties are its medium density and uniform grain, which confer good fastening and working properties. Strength and stiffness, ease of drying, and suitability for treatment with preservatives and fire retardant chemicals are also advantageous for construction.



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This product is ideal for all general outdoor use, including pergola and deck construction.

The Rougher Headed finish is a superior finish to alternatives such as sawn or plain dressed because the microline profile helps to visually minimise minor defects.

The other important quality factor of our F7 treated H3 and H4 is that it is a Dry After Treated (DAT) product. This means that the product has been dried twice through the manufacturing process, once after its initial cutting in the green mill and again after the treatment process.
Along with the visual F7 grade, this second drying is your badge of confidence that the timber was re-dried to 15% or less moisture content which meets the atmospheric moisture content equilibrium point and this assists with product stability.

Rhino Terminator

Structural Pine is one of the most versatile and widely used building products in Australia. As well as being the easiest and fastest product to build with, it also comes from environmentally responsible, plantation grown resources. Pine framing is the number one choice for Australia's major builders and combines cost-effectiveness with total design flexibility. Coupled with good building practices, pine framing will provide excellent long-term performance.

Termites are present in many regions of Australia and sensible steps should be taken to protect homes from invasion. There is no doubt that the best protection method is to keep termites out totally. The building code gives several methods for achieving ‘whole of house' protection. These methods protect not just the structural frame but also other cellulose-based materials such as door joinery, cupboards, and carpets. In high-risk termite regions extra protection is offered by Rhino Terminator termite resistant framing.

What is Rhino Terminator Framing?

Rhino® is renewable plantation pine framing, the most environmentally friendly way to build a new home or add an extension onto your current home.

You can be confident that every stick of Rhino® has been quality assured. It is ideal for use in the construction of wall fames and roof trusses and for general indoor load bearing applications. Rhino® combines strength and cost-effectiveness with total design flexibility.

Rhino® — Strong & Reliable

  • Versatile 

A Rhino® frame is versatile, making it easy to adjust for future alterations and additions to you home.

  • Time Saver

A home built with Rhino® is finished faster than other building materials as contractors are familiar and comfortable working with pine. Frames can beprefabricated, transported and erected on site to save even more time.

  • Easy to Live With

Rhino® frames won’t rust, expand and contract with heat and make unwelcome noise.

With a Rhino® frame you can add shelves to walls, put up pictures, add skirtings, do almost anything you like.
Rhino® is a safe building material. It does not conduct electricity, heat or cold and it’s not sharp to touch.

  • Good for the Environment 

Timber is the only renewable building material. Pine plantations are replanted to ensure an infinitely renewable source of quality timber framing for today and tomorrow.

Far fewer greenhouse emissions are generated producing plantation pine compared to steel or concrete. Steel production for an average 4-bedroom house releases about 7 times more Carbon Dioxide compared with pine framing. In fact Pine plantations soak up the greenhouse gases created by industrial processes — like those making steel house frames.

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Primed Finger Jointed Clear

What are the benefits of using H3 Pink Primed Products?

H3 Primed Products are protected against decay and termites using a timber treatment - LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) guaranteed to last for 25 years. LOSP is a very effective way of extending the service life of timber and the H3 treatment level makes LOSP Primed products suitable for exterior applications that are not in contact with the ground. We stock a wide range of H3 LOSP Primedproducts including:

*Laminated posts and beams
*Finger jointed mouldings
*Fascia boards
*Handrail components

H3 primed products are ideal when durability and dimensional stability is important.





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